Bachelors Explain How A “Woman’s Touch” Changed About Their Lives

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A Woman’s Touch

We’ve all heard of the “woman’s touch,” which refers to the influence or impact a woman has on a home once she moves in and puts her stamp on it.

A “woman’s touch” can refer to anything from interior decoration to leadership styles to personal relationships, highlighting women’s unique perspectives or contributions.

These lifelong bachelors have described how their lives changed after they moved in with a woman and experienced a woman’s touch.



A few years ago, I moved in with my girlfriend. I remember the one day I came home from work, and she’d done something amazing.

She’d made an awesome dinner with salad and everything. She put cut-up strawberries in the salad. Strawberries, guys! I couldn’t believe it.

We’ve been married for nine years now, and she still amazes me on a daily basis with things like that.



When I moved in with my partner a few years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. But there was one thing I wasn’t expecting.

So many blankets and pillows everywhere. I can’t sit on the couch without moving some. And then where am I supposed to put them?

I’m ok with decorating, but not when it gets in the way of an object’s function. I let it slide because I guess it looked kinda nice.

Many Pets


Before we got married, she always spoke about how she really wanted pets. Her parents never let her, so it was a lifelong dream.

I agreed that we could get a pet or two. I thought it was just going to be a cat or something, but it was a whole zoo.

At first, it was two cats. Later, she got a rat and two birds. Now, there’s a dog too. I’m waiting to see what she brings home next.

Yard Work


She made a raised flower bed in my backyard and planted a nice little vegetable garden for us to eat from, which is pretty cool.

I mow the lawn and occasionally rake the leaves when they fall. I also trim the two big bushes in the backyard every now and then.

Even that feels like too much yard work for me, but I’m too cheap to pay someone else to do it for me. She likes digging in the dirt. I don’t, never did.

Home Sweet Home


Before my wife moved in, I lived with a friend, and our apartment looked pretty bad—more like a university student flat than anything else. There were zero decorations, old furniture from the landlord, horrible cream-colored walls, etc.

Since we were always at work and barely home, it was fine for us. Living abroad, I always considered it a temporary place and didn’t have much attachment to it, so I didn’t want to spend time and money improving the space.

Once she moved in, we slowly started making it into a home. We painted the walls, bought furniture and plants, hung some photos, bought a cat, etc. It made such a huge difference and improved our quality of life.

Many Plants


I’ve always had cacti and succulents around, probably because they are satisfying to have and easy to keep alive.

But my girlfriend is obsessed with plants to the point where she can’t stop herself from buying one each time she walks into a store.

We don’t live together, but since getting together, all of a sudden, I have multiple non-succulent plants I never planned on getting.

A Lot


Since my wife and I moved in together, I’ve noticed so many things, like the shampoo bottles. We have millions of shampoo bottles in every bathroom.

Our pantry is full of all different kinds of spices and seasonings that she insists on adding to certain dishes. I can never taste the difference between them.

Don’t even get me started on the decorative hair strands that stick to the walls. There is hair everywhere. I can’t get away from it.

Pictures Everywhere


I’ve never been big on decor, mainly because I’ve always been too lazy, and honestly, I don’t really care about decor too much.

But when my girlfriend moved in, she insisted that the walls needed some color and decor. Apparently, I am supposed to have pictures of my loved ones in my house.

Now, our walls are filled with framed pictures of our families. There’s a massive picture of her childhood cat above our bed.

Sudden Changes


My girlfriend moved in a few months ago, and I don’t recognize my own home. She likes to keep the place perfect all the time.

I can no longer keep my motorcycle in the living room or my tools and parts in the kitchen cabinets.

Instead, my motorcycle and tools are in the garage, and our living room is filled with couches and pillows.

A Special Touch


My house was always pretty plain. I guess I just never really considered decorating. But that all changed when I met my ex.

She wanted it to look like a home, so she added all kinds of decor, including rugs, wall hangings, etc. It looked so much better.

She took it all when she left, and I never got around to trying it myself. I should, though. It really looked so much better.



I adore so many things about my wife and the way she decorated our house. I’ll list a few that made it feel really homey.

Our living area is full of pictures of our friends and family. Each room has curtains and cushions that suit its general vibe.

We have these little tables to put our drinks on, and we have all kinds of interesting coasters. There’s so much stuff. Bless her.

A single candle


I have a funny story about a friend of mine who grew up with his dad and two brothers. His mom wasn’t around, and his dad was single for most of his life.

My friend told me they found out his dad had a girlfriend when suddenly a candle appeared in the living room out of nowhere.

Apparently, the woman was pretty cool. I remember seeing all kinds of nice things around their house after she moved in.

Still Finding Things


My first girlfriend moved in with me right out of college, and I still find traces of her around my apartment.

There were tiny ankle socks everywhere. We broke up seven years ago, and I still occasionally find one in some forgotten corner of the house.

The same goes for underwear. I think I’ve finally thrown it out, but oops, there’s another set in the basket. At this point, I swear they’re breeding.

The First Woman


I worked on a ship when a female cook steward started working there. Before she showed up, the crew was all male. Within a couple of days, the mess and galley were transformed. Tablecloths, curtains, coasters, it was really all new.

The galley became a water-cooler kind of place where you could always go to have a chat and get a snack. It always smelled of cooking, and she was listening to her radio.

It was a real game changer from the former grumpy guy and sterile setting. Our skipper loved every second of it.

Tables Everywhere


When my girlfriend moved into my apartment with me, she kept complaining about the lack of tables.

She would always cringe when I told her to keep her cups on the floor next to the couch, but she changed this very quickly.

We now have, without exaggeration, 15 end tables in the house. We have four more in the attic, just in case.



I will admit that I’ve always been a bit of a slob. When I moved into my college apartment, I kept one cardboard box to use as a table in the living room.

When I first brought my girlfriend over, she thought I just hadn’t gotten around to taking the box out. But it stayed there for months.

She moved in a year later and replaced my cardboard box with an end table. Unnecessarily, but she seems to prefer it.

Clean and organized


The first time I invited my girlfriend over to my house, she was disgusted by the state of my refrigerator.

It was a little dirty, but I didn’t think it was too bad. She came over for a weekend and spent an entire morning cleaning my kitchen.

Suddenly, my messy fridge became very clean and organized, and I’ll admit, it was much better than what I was dealing with before.

A Comforting Reminder


I always liked the subtle scent of the laundry detergent I used in my apartment, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

But when my girlfriend moved in, suddenly, the place always smelled like this floral fragrance from freshly washed bed linens and scented candles.

I love it. It is a comforting reminder that I no longer live on my own. Life has been awesome since she moved in.

Minimum Decor


When I lived on my own, my walls were pretty bare, but I’d added a tiny bit of decor here and there—nothing too fancy.

But as soon as my wife and I moved in together, she hung up all of these vibrant paintings and put these quirky sculptures around the house.

We have colorful pillows all over the place, and I’ll admit, I love them. They make the place feel really cozy and homely.

The Kitchen


Before my partner moved in, my kitchen was primarily used for takeout containers and microwave dinners.

But now, we have this really cool, neatly organized spice rack and all kinds of fancy-looking cookbooks lining the shelves.

She loves to cook and prepares us a feast every single night. I can’t believe I ever lived on ready-made meals.

A Green Finger


Growing up with a single dad, I never learned how to garden or how to keep a plant alive. Our house looked like a concrete jungle.

But when my wife and I moved in, she insisted on buying all kinds of plants. Before I knew it, lush green plants adorned every available surface in our house.

We have hanging ferns in the living room and potted succulents in the bathrooms. She taught me all about them, and they add a lot of life to our house.

Throw Blankets


When I still lived with one of my male roommates, we had a huge, ugly couch in the middle of our living room.

When I moved in with my girlfriend, I learned all about soft throw blankets and fluffy cushions. Now, we have a cozy reading nook in the corner of our living room.

It’s made our home so much more cozy and inviting. Every time I walk through the front door, I feel like I’m exactly where I want to be.



I was pretty content with the plain and slightly ugly furniture in my apartment when I still lived on my own.

But after she and I moved in together, I began noticing the decorations she had scattered all over the house.

Now, we have this huge, beautiful couch in the living room with vases of flowers everywhere. I’m a lot prouder to bring anyone home.



I lived alone for years. I’ll admit that the place felt pretty impersonal, and I did nothing to add personality to the place.

My girlfriend eventually moved in, and she began adding little touches that reflected her presence, like small pink vases and picture frames.

One weekend, we went to a store and bought all kinds of things that we both liked. Now, our apartment reflects who we are.

The Office


Before my wife moved in, my office was a total mess. The desk was filled with papers and all kinds of weird gadgets.

As soon as she moved in, she transformed the entire place. Suddenly, my desk was organized with labeled folders and new stationery.

She even put up a decorative calendar to keep track of our schedules. I am grateful for it every time I step foot into my home office.



My bedroom had always been super plain. I’d put no thought behind comfort or style. As long as I could sleep in it, that’s all that mattered.

After my girlfriend moved in, she changed the entire bedroom. We bought a new bed to help with my back problems.

She bought this fancy duvet and all kinds of little pillows and blankets. I wake up every morning feeling like I’ve been sleeping in a cloud. It’s awesome.



Like most men, I assume, I never paid any attention to my house’s entryway. It was always cluttered with shoes and jackets.

My girlfriend hated it. As soon as she moved in, she bought this massive shoe and coat rack to help keep it organized.

She even added a few pot plants and decorations. It looks pretty good. I always feel proud when guests come over.



I always knew that my place felt kind of disjointed. I had mismatched furniture and conflicting design styles.

But I didn’t really mind until my fiancé moved in. She has an eye for design, and she has transformed the entire place.

When people come over, they always compliment our place. I give her all the credit. It looks incredible.

The Bathroom


My bathroom was always purely functional, with basic toiletries and a generic shower curtain. I didn’t see the point in changing that.

But she did. She added all kinds of beautiful towels and replaced the shower curtains with glass doors.

Now, we have all of these scented bath bombs and a million different kinds of soaps. It’s kind of nice, I will admit.