‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Stumped By Woman’s Picks, But Never Expected This

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Spin The Wheel!

Wheel Of Fortune is arguably one of the most well-known game shows. The cutthroat nature of the game makes for riveting entertainment. People constantly try to figure out the contestants’ strategy. But one woman left everyone watching completely befuddled.

Nura Fountana played a game no one had ever seen before. Her bizarre strategy confused everyone. But when she revealed her tactic, she left the audience reeling.

Hello, Contestants

host stumped by woman's picks
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

The host of the show, Pat Sajak, introduced the day’s contestants. Steve, Troy, and Nura were set to take the stage. But one contestant would play the game as we have never seen before. Furthermore, all three of the contestants had something in common. All three shared a dark past. But the audience had no idea what to expect.

Until it was revealed who exactly the players of the day were.

An Honorable Line Up

Nura Fountana kept making bad picks
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

During veterans’ week one year, Wheel Of Fortune did something incredible. They decided to dedicate an entire episode to past, and current soldiers. As such, the three contestants who made it on to the show had all served at some point or another. But it was one woman who would make her mark on the game show forever.

Nura Fountana blew through the first few rounds earning a cool $13,970. But her game quickly changed. And not for the better.

It’s All A Competition

Nura's bad picks were actually a strategy
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Even though the show was made up of a number of vets, it was still a competition after all. The nature of Wheel Of Fortune is utterly cutthroat. People who play the show are highly competitive. The audience expected a great game out of the former veterans.

But one woman changed the game as people knew it. Nura Fountana left everyone baffled by her bizarre gameplay.

An Unusual Selection Turns Heads

why did Nura keep making bad picks?
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Nura’s game quickly changed. The leader of the pack began to play a suspicious game. In the final speed round, Nura made a highly unorthodox selection. While her competitors went for popular letters such as T, Nura took a massive risk. She selected the letter Z. When the board didn’t light up, no one was surprised. Z was, after all, perhaps the most uncommon letter in Wheel Of Fortune.

So why would Nura choose it?

The Daring Is Considered A Tactic

Nura takes her pick and surprises everyone
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

People brushed off Nura’s decision as a bold tactic. Perhaps she decided to play the field in the hopes of eliminating the difficult letters first. No matter the reason, she still had a few turns left. This gave the audience hope that the leader would once again sore ahead. As the round progressed, her opponent picked another correct letter; “T”.

It was now Nura’s game surely! But what she did next dumbfounded everyone.

Method To Her Madness?

would she redeem herself from these picks?
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

In another bizarre turn of events, Nura picked Q next. This left people reeling in surprise. Her second choice was yet another obscure letter. It seemed as though this woman didn’t want to win at all. People began to ponder her strategy. Perhaps she was falling behind deliberately for a more dramatic victory! That would certainly be a comeback if she were to redeem herself from these picks.

But things only got weirder from there on.

Everyone Questions Nura

the audience waits for Nura's pick
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Due to her questionable play in the last few rounds, people began to wonder. Even the host of the show, Pat Sajak, began to raise eyebrows. Never before had he seen such a bizarre method of playing. Usually, the leader would be on their way to victory by now. Or at least have made some mark on the board! Nura was up next once more.

The audience waited with bated breath to witness her next move.

People Grow Anxious

Nura makes another bad pick
Twitter/ Mike H.

It wasn’t only the live audience affected by Nura’s play. People watching from home took to social media! Masses of tweets began to flood the platform. People just could not understand Nura’s reasoning behind her choices. The angst was growing across America as the round came closer to Nura once more.

Tweeters and live audience members alike hung on her next few words. And what came out of her mouth was unprecedented.

Marks The Spot

Nura made one more pick of the speed round
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

In a final attempt at winning, Nura made one more pick of the speed round. But, the letter that left her lips sent people into a flabbergasted frenzy. Nura had decided to go for the letter X. Yet another lesser picked letter of the game. It was as though she wanted to lose!

People could not believe her choice. As soon as she said the consonant, the audience sighed in exasperation. But then, Nura revealed her strategy.

Nura Knocks People Off Their Feet

Nura made bad picks on purpose
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Naturally, Nura had lost the round. Furthermore, she missed out on a whopping $33,000 take home as well. She guessed the needed phrase ‘by appointment’ incorrectly. But then, Nura let the audience in on her plan.

Nura had wanted to lose. She did not wish to accrue any more wealth than she had managed to raise in the first few rounds. But why? Who goes on a game show to lose? Nura explained this as well. And her response left people flabbergasted.

A Selfless Act

Nura made bad picks to lose
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Nura began to explain that she had wanted to share her winnings. She wished for all the vets on the show to be able to go home with something. This act of selflessness left onlookers in tears.

Game shows are usually a dog eat dog world. But one woman put herself second to the needs of fellow comrades. And people loved her for it. Even though she hadn’t won much, she had won the hearts of millions. And social media was abuzz.

Nura Makes An Impact

Nura's picks were an act of kindness
Twitter/ Retro Rager

Social media absolutely lit up after her revelation. Even those who had been questioning her play were left in awe. People praised Nura on numerous platforms. Sure, they had been left in suspense for long enough by her gameplay. But when she revealed her reasoning behind it all, they loved her for it.

People were moved by Nura’s act of kindness. But, she certainly did not go home empty-handed.

Walking Away A Winner

Nura's picks were part of the plan
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

Even though she missed out on bigger sums of money, Nura still managed to walk away with something. She left the show with $14,000, and the respect of a nation. Nura had moved many onlookers. And when the show came to a close, the excitedly clapped her hands.

She harbored no remorse over her gameplay. Instead, she revealed what she planned on doing with her winnings.

Nura Jets Off

she threw away her winnings on bad picks
YouTube/ MarioGS BAV

When asked what she plans on doing with her winnings, Nura shares that a holiday is in order. “I’m going to Belize!” she excitedly reveals. Host Pat Sajak thanked her for her participation, and shared, “You made us all happy”.

One act of kindness touched so many onlookers. People could not believe how selfless one woman was. We hope you had a great time in Belize, Nura! You most certainly earned it.